I Diaper Tulsa benefits Emergency Infant Services


Diapers are not covered by WIC or Food Stamps. We saw the need to increase the availability of clean diapers so babies can be changed more often.

Not having an adequate supply of diapers can leave babies in soiled diapers. This increases the risk of diaper rashes, contributes to infant pain and irritability and sadly can be a contributing factor in declarations of child abuse. Let’s help make a difference!

All diapers and 100% of ALL MONEY raised from t-shirt sales and event benefit Tulsa's own Emergency Infant Services.



Find out about the founders of I Diaper Tulsa, our purpose for diapering Tulsa's bottoms, and meet Steve Cluck, the designer of the I Diaper Tulsa t-shirt.

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Take Action

Ready to help diaper Tulsa? You can join us at I Diaper Tulsa on September 24 from 10-2, find local businesses to drop off diapers and purchase the I Diaper Tulsa t-shirt. 

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